The Best Golf Shafts For Your Game

If you’re looking for the perfect golf shaft, we have the perfect one! We refer to our industry-leading serial number list and list of accessories to help you find the perfect shaft for your needs. We hope you’re here to find your golf shaft!

Will a regular flex shaft cause a slice?

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If your club shafts are too stiff, you will have trouble loading them properly during your downswing. When the clubhead gets to the ball, the shaft won\u2019ll unload properly and the face will remain slightly open, causing a slice.

Do pros use regular shafts?

Most PGA Tour pros use x-stiff shafts. Depending on what type of swing you possess, x-stiff clubs might help you control your shots better, achieve optimal results from a swing with a fast tempo and aid your short game.

What happens if my shaft is too flexible?

If a golfer is using a shaft that is too flexible, here are the likely results:

1. The ball will possibly fly higher for any given loft.

2. If the golfer is using the proper loft for his or her swing mechanics, this could cause a slight decrease from the golfer\u2019s maximum potential distance.

Is there a big difference between regular and stiff flex?

A regular shaft is more often than not, harder to bend than a stiff shaft. And as a rough rule of thumb, the more speed you generate, the more stiff your shafts should be.

Is Stiff flex good for beginners?

Stiff Flex golf club shafts are not recommended for beginner golfers. Beginner golfers should use shafts with more give, like a regular or flexible golf shaft. Stiff fulshearpols not recommended for experienced golfers able to generate a high clubhead speed. Stiff shafts are firmer and harder to bend.

How fast should you swing a 7 iron?

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The 7-iron is a fast clubhead, so it will travel faster through the air than the average golf ball. This means that if you are looking to hit it really far, the 7-iron is a good choice.

How many grams should my shaft be?

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The shafts in most drivers typically weigh between 40 grams and 85 grams. Shafts manufacturers will offer a stiff and regular flex in nearly all weight classes, while most light and ladiesflex clubs will weigh no more than 55 or 60 grams, but could be as light as 40 grams.

What happens if golf shaft is too heavy?

Nippon suggests that a player should be able to tell largely by feel. A shaft that is too heavy will cause a “labored golf swing.” A shaft that is too light will hurt your ability to make solid contact. When you find the right shaft weight, you will experience a “high energy swing” with uniform contact.

How do you know what weight driver shaft to use?

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The lighter shafts provide the opportunity to increase swing speed.

What is a 4.5 shaft flex?

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The 4.5 means senior shaft the 70 means the grams and the flex of the shaft that’s what the guy from Mizuno told me like 70 is extra stiff the way I understood it is that right or wrong?

What is R2 flex shaft?

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The R2 is a soft shaft that is equivalent to the modern day A-flex. Instead of calling it amateur or senior flex which is ability or age related, the R2 is simply a softer shaft than a standard regular flex for those with reduced swing speeds.

How can I tell my swing speed?

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The average yardage of a club head in miles per hour is 1,395.6. If 195 is your average drive distance yardage, 84.7 mph is your approximate swing speed.

Do regular shafts go further?

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-While a heavier object to strike the ball with, use a same-style weight – use a bowstring or a different set of arrows
-For many golfers, a lighter shaft allows them to generate higher clubhead speeds.

What is a soft regular shaft?

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PING recommends its soft regular shaft for players who swing their drivers at 90 mph or less. PING manufactures a variety of clubs with soft regular shafts, including drivers, hybrids, irons and wedges.

How can I test my swing speed at home?

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There only truly accurate way to find out your swing speed is to measure it on a launch monitor as you hit balls out onto a range. Male tour professionals swing in the 115-120 mph range while average amateurs fall closer to the 80-85mph range.