No Golf Clothes

If you’re looking for ways to save on your golf ball, you may be wondering how you can without having to wear clothes.

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Can You Wear Tennis Clothes for Golf?

Tennis clothes are not only okay to wear on the golf course, but they are also generally okay to wear on the tennis court. This is because tennis games are typically played on courts that are similar in size to their golf courses.The LPGA has a strict rule on skirts not being any shorter than 14 inches and must include attached spandex shorts. You’ll also hear some calling this a “skort.” Tennis skirts can be as short as 12 inches, so if you have a tennis skirt in the wardrobe you’d like to wear, measure it first and make sure it fits within skirt regulations.A shorter tennis skirt will be allowed if tights or spandex are worn beneath the tennis skirt.For men wanting to wear their tennis shorts onto the golf course, just like women, you also have to consider the length of your shorts. Shorts cannot be too long, looking baggy and unkempt, and can\u2019t be shorter than approximately 4 inches above the kneecap.Most sporting retailers will have designated sections for each type of sport. If you have time and money to go shopping before hitting the golf balls, take yourself to a local sports retailer to check out their selection of golf clothing. You will be able to compare the clothing items and assess the differences in how each sport designs their clothing for better comfort.

Is It Ok to Wear Jeans for Golf?

Wearing jeans to a golf course is not recommended. Many golf clubs have been known lately to be easing their restrictions on dress code regulations, but jeans still appear to be the no-go on the green.Even if jeans were allowed, we wouldn’t recommend them for comfort reasons and because the pockets aren’t usually great for holding large objects like spare tees and golf balls.Denim is not the most comfortable material to wear when it is too hot and sunny. imagine walking miles around the green, in denim pants, with the sun beating down on your back, while you are trying to accomplish some mild exercise and activity. I ask you; would you go to the gym to sweat in your denim jeans?

Can you Wear Leggings to Golf?

Athletic workout and yoga pants aren’t typically allowed on the golf course for men and women alike. Although leggings have become fairly appropriate in many other scenarios, and some golfing clubs will allow appropriate leggings, there are still some clubs that say no to leggings.We recommend calling and asking if leggings are an appropriate clothing item to wear to the club first before finding that they, unfortunately, don’t fit with the dress code regulations.Leggings have become a popular everyday clothing item because they are comfortable, allow for great flexibility, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. If your leggings are long, slim-fitting, comfortable, and look nice, they should be fine to wear on the green.You might not see women on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) wearing leggings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! However, we do usually recommend wearing trousers, shorts, or skirts, that offer accessible and deep pockets for spare tees and balls. Unfortunately, leggings don’t usually offer this.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Men and Women

There are different rules for men and women, and it can get confusing when looking up what to wear and finding too much information. It’s already overwhelming trying to decide what to wear so we’ve created an easy-to-read guide on the usual do\u2019s and do\u2019s of what to wear on the golf course.Most golfers should wear a shirt and a sweatband. This is a general rule that does not mean that all outfits are necessary. Most golfers will wear whatever is comfortable and what is recommended.Try to wear sweat-friendly clothing and tight-fitting jackets and shirts that do not get in the way of your swing but also be mindful of non-stretchy materials that restrict your movement.Cotton and polyester blend or 100% polyester is a great type of shirt material to wear on the golf course and here\u2019s why:

Cotton and polyester blend is a great type of shirt material to wear on the golf course and here is why:

Cotton and polyester blend is a great type of shirt material to wear on the golf course because it is a good blend of 100% polyester and there is no risk of it turning into wrinkles.We recommend minimal jewelry so that your swing can be more efficient.If you’re looking to buy golf shoes, they aren’t for streetwear and are best put on at the golf club.


The golf dress code isn\u2019t as strict as it once was. Yes, it is known as a \u201cgentleman\u2019s sport\u201d but that doesn\u2019t mean clubs don\u2019t want new members to join up and be afraid to attend the club because of what they can and can\u2019t wear. The golf world is evolving to appropriate trends in clothing items for light exercise and inclusivity of older and new members alike.You likely have something in your wardrobe that is more than appropriate for the golf course. To save yourself some time, we recommend calling the club beforehand just in case their dress code regulations are updated.