Flowing Mane On The Greens: A Look At Male Golfers With Long Hair

Golf is usually associated with strict dress codes, conservative attitudes, and a particular standard of conduct. However, in recent years, male golfers with long hair have started making a statement on the golf course. This fashion statement has raised some eyebrows but has undoubtedly made golf a more inclusive and exciting sport.Golf has a rich history, both in terms of the sport itself and its traditions. However, there has been a shift in attitudes towards the sport with players bringing a more individualistic and personal flair to their game. One of the latest trends in golf is male golfers growing out their locks and defying the sport’s traditional ways. This style choice has given golfers and fans alike something new to talk about and appreciate.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the trend of male golfers with long hair. We will take a closer look at the historical context of long hair in golfing, explore some of the players who have embraced this trend, and finally, discuss how it has been received in the golfing community. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of why male golfers with long hair are challenging traditional norms and what their impact is on the sport.Male golfers with long hair are redefining traditional standards and driving change in the golfing world. From the iconic long blonde hair of Jack Nicklaus in the 70s to the more recent brightly colored locks of Rickie Fowler, the trend of long hair is making a comeback. Golfers like Tommy Fleetwood, Thorbjorn Olesen, and Cameron Champ are also sporting longer locks, bringing a unique style and flair to the sport. While some critics may not approve of this style statement, the golfing community has shown widespread support for these trailblazers.

Historical Perspective

Long hair isn’t a typical style choice in golf, where clean-cut and conservative appearance has been the norm for decades. But as the sport evolves, more players are embracing their individuality on the course, and hair has become a way of expressing that individuality. Long hair is a natural way to stand out on a field where traditional style has been the norm for so long.Long hair is also a practical choice for many players, especially those who travel frequently and may not have the time to keep up with a shorter haircut. Plus, in a sport where a good hat can be essential, long hair can easily be tucked under a cap to keep it out of the way during play.

Another benefit of embracing long hair on the golf course is the opportunity for players to express their personality through their hair. Hair has always been a way to make a statement, and in a sport where individuality can sometimes take a back seat to tradition, standing out on the greens can be a breath of fresh air. Additionally, players who choose to keep their hair long are often some of the most confident and charismatic golfers on the circuit, adding to the overall showmanship of the sport.Expanding further on this topic, many believe that long hair is breaking down the barriers to entry to the sport. It gives individuals a chance to showcase their creativity and individuality, which further increases the diversity of players that can participate in the sport. As a result, the overwhelming perception that golf is for a select group of people is being challenged. Through long hair, players can demonstrate that golf is a sport that encourages creativity and expression while maintaining its traditional etiquette.

Current Trendsetters

Tommy Fleetwood is another golfer who has made waves on the greens with his luscious locks. Fleetwood’s hair has become a trademark that is almost as recognizable as his swing. The English golfer’s hair has even spawned its own Twitter account, with fans keeping up to date with the state of his locks.Tommy Fleetwood is also known for his impressive golf skills, having won numerous accolades in his career. However, it’s his hair that often gets talked about in the media and by fans. Fleetwood’s curly locks have become such a statement style that he has even joked about it in interviews. When asked about his hair, he once said, “It’s more famous than I am.”

Another golfer known for his long hair is Thorbjorn Olesen. The Danish golfer is known for his smooth swing and his tribal band tattoo that stretches from his bicep to his forearm, but it’s his hair that has caught the attention of fans. Olesen’s blonde mane cascades down his back as he navigates the course with precision.

Olesen has been a professional golfer since 2008 and has had several wins on the European Tour. However, it was his hair that had fans talking when he showed up to a tournament in 2018 with a new style, including an undercut and braids. While not everyone was a fan of this new look, it brought a fresh take on the long hair trend in golf.

Reception and Criticism

Cameron Champ is another rising star in the world of golf who has made waves with his long hair. Champ’s hair is thick and curly, often styled in a bun or ponytail as he makes his way around the course. Despite only being in his early 20s, Champ has already made a name for himself with his impressive performances on the greens.

Champ turned pro in 2017 and has since won three professional events, including the 2018 Sanderson Farms Championship. He has also been making waves off the course with his style choices, including his trademark hair. As the long hair trend in golf continues to grow, Champ is sure to be at the forefront of this new movement.

While male golfers with long hair have certainly gained popularity in recent years, they have also faced criticism from some quarters. Some purists feel that long hair is a distraction from the game and that it goes against the traditional values of the sport. Others feel that long hair has no place on the golf course, which has always been associated with clean-cut traditions.

However, these criticisms have been met with a wave of support and encouragement from fans, fellow golfers, and the golfing community at large. The emerging trend of male golfers sporting long hair represents a change in the sport and a challenge to its traditions. As long as these players continue to perform at their best, their hair will remain nothing more than an interesting footnote in the sport’s history.


In conclusion, the trend of male golfers with long hair is gaining momentum and has become a significant style statement in golf. From Rickie Fowler’s bright orange hair to Tommy Fleetwood’s luscious locks, these players are bringing a new level of style and individuality to the greens. While the trend has faced criticism from some quarters, it has also been met with widespread support and encouragement. As players like Thorbjorn Olesen and Cameron Champ continue to rise through the ranks, it’s safe to say that long hair is here to stay in the world of golf.

The emergence of male golfers with long hair has brought a new level of excitement and flair to the sport. These players have brought their unique personalities to the greens, challenging the traditional norms of the sport. With their impressive skills and evolving style choices, these golfers have shown that there is more to the game than just wearing the right clothes and following the right etiquette.

As the sport moves forward, it will be interesting to see how male golfers with long hair continue to influence the sport and its traditions. One thing is certain, however: these players have shown that there’s no one right way to play golf, and that individuality and style deserve a place on the greens.