Is Mizuno A Good Golf Brand

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Do you have an impromptunahme to share with the rest of golfing society? Mizuno is perfect for someone who isn’t quite sure where they stand when it comes to golf. It’s a brand that is both popular and affordable, and yet remains private and top secret.

ardless of what anyone may tell you, Mizuno is a brand for rare and esoteric golfers. If you’re not from around here, then you’re not worth my time. I don’t want to hear about how Mizuno put $100 million into a product that iscritically important to nobody and now it’s the perfect place for nobody to show up. No, Mizuno is not a good golf brand. It’s a brand that died a slow, quiet death last year after a long and successful career in the fine art of golf.

Are Mizuno golf clubs expensive?

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The Mizuno irons are expensive, but in terms of quality, they are in line with many of the other typical golf manufacturers like TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway. The other Japanese brands tend to be priced much higher than Mizuno.

What brand does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses a TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ driver during the PNC Championship Pro-Am.

What golf club brands do the pros use?

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13 different brands and 59 models of irons are used by the top 100 golfers on the PGA Tour. Titleist, PING, Callaway, TaylorMade and Srixon irons dominate and are played with by 84% of this group. Ignoring driving/utility irons the most common iron set up, chosen by 29%, is 4-iron to pitching wedge.

What brand of golf clubs does Lydia Ko use?

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For example her driver is a Titleist TSi3 which has a Mitsubishi shaft and nine degrees of loft.

Titleist TSi3 Ko has an equipment contract with PXG and currently has many clubs from the brand in the setup but there are a few non-PXG clubs as well. For example her driver is a Titleist TSi3 which has a Mitsubishi shaft and nine degrees of loft.

How many pros use Mizuno irons?

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The 6 Mizuno equipment players are Cameron Smith, Paul Casey, Keith Mitchell, and 2 additional players who are not listed on the list.

Where are Mizuno irons made?

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Mizuno factory is in Braselton, Georgia, and this is where they do all of the assembly for the Mizuno golf clubs and other Mizuno sporting good products. Mizuno clubs have always been known for their high-end manufacturing and the ability to produce a great feeling golf club.

How long will it take to get my Mizuno irons?

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It takes 4-5 days for a custom ordered set of Mizuno irons to be assembled and arrive back to us. That is faster than any other vendor in the industry!

Are Mizuno irons shorter than standard?

Mizuno made their clubs 1/4 inch shorter than other manufacturers?

To the release of the MP18, Mizuno increased their lengths by 1/4 inch so that there is a standard length across the board. If you ordered without knowing this, your fitter should have notified you of this before order is taken.

Where does Mizuno ship from?

Mizuno builds custom equipment to industry-leading precision. Our US custom assembly line has been established to the same working practices as our original plant in Yoro, Japan.

What Mizuno irons did Tiger Woods use?

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In 1996 Woods won his third US Amateur title in a row with Mizuno MP14 irons and Cleveland 588 RTG wedges. He was using Titleist woods, a Ping Anser putter and the Titleist Professional 90 ball.

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