How To Never Shank A Golf Ball Again

Golf balls are one of those items that can be so frustratingly.

1. Make The Swing More Upright

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When the club head at the top of the backswing points far to the left of the target, the swing is too flat. The swing arc is therefore affected. A shanked shot is the result.
When you’re playing golf, your ball-shank must be more up-right if you want to ensure a successful outcome. One way to achieve this is to use your hands more to control the ball, as opposed to putting it off- kilter in the air.

Another way to increase your ball-shank’s uprightness is to monitor your practice. When you’re playing at your best, your ball-shank must be closer to the ground. This will create a more upright ball-shank and aid in his success.

An upright swing helps to prevent a shank.

1. Make The Swing More Upright

2. Maintain The Suspension Point At The Same Level Throughout The Swing

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The straightening of the body in the pelvic region during the backswing also tends to throw the club head out of its proper plane during its course through the ball and produces contact with the neck of the club.
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The suspension point should be at the same level throughout the swing, regardless of the club head. If it’s not, you’re going to be working with a ball that doesn’t let you down on the green.

In order to keep your golf ball from Shanking You again, maintain the suspension point at the same level throughout the swing.

That means making sure the suspension point isn’t too far away from the mean point on the line. And finally, use the same level of suspension point throughout the swing for all types of golf balls.

3. never use a higher quality ball at the same level as your suspension point.

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The tendency to lift or straighten the body during the swing results from over crouching at address.

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2. Fuller Turn Or Pivot </h2>
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<p>Looping is a commin error which often results in a shank. It occurs on the backswing when the player moves their head and shoulders forward and to the left so that they are more over the ball.</p>
<p>This also moves his hands and club outside their normal position at the top of the swing so that they too are more over the ball.</p>
<p>This forces the club head to return to the ball from the outside, increasing chances for the ball to be impacted at the hosel instead of the clubface.<br />
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<p>This looping tendency will disappear if one takes a slightly fuller turn with his hips and shoulders on the backswing, taking care at the same time not to flatten the swing.</p>
<p>The chin should stay pointed at the ball throughout the downswing and until after the ball is struck.<br />
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<p>Take a gentle turn of the engine, and with no serial numbers or list of items, you are ready to drive.</p>
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4. Stand Closer To Ball And Accentuate Tilting And Turning The Shoulders

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Standing too far from the ball is actually what a shank is. Once a golfer understands the principle of a shanked shot, there is a tendency to stand farther away from the ball at the address. This increases the problem because the swing becomes even flatter.
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The left shoulder is lowered and the right shoulder is raised on the backswing. The club head meets the ball squarely at impact.

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4. Stand Closer To Ball And Accentuate Tilting And Turning The Shoulders

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Final Verdict

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The club is swung too much out in front of you through impact.
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The hosel hits the ball, which rockets off to the right. There are four main causes of a shank, but the common factor is that the clubhead is swinging out too far from your body on the upswing.

It is reaching out more than it should. The question is: why?
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The first step in fixating a shank is analyzing which of these four variations you are prone to. Once you figure out which one you have, work on the correction.
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Final thoughts>

Golf balls are one of those items that can be so frustratingly. Often, they’re treated like just another piece of equipment in the game, with a few instructions and a few key steps. And yet, after one nagging question or another, it can be one of the most fun and rewarding things in the game.

The point is, you still have to take the ball and hit it. Just like any other play, you need to be aware of your surroundings, weigh the consequences of your actions, and most importantly, have hope for the future.