How Much To Send Golf Clubs In Post

Golf clubs are a valuable asset to any golfer’s collection. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so it’s important to find the right one for your needs. Here’s how much to send golf clubs in post:

-Postage (if any):

If you’re sending golf clubs in post, be sure to add post office rejects (P.O. R.s.) at the bottom of the package. ”

-Inman Park Complex:

If you’re sending golf clubs in post to the I.P.C., be sure to includeadditional return rates at the bottom of the package. These are otherwise known as “returns.”:

“Golf clubs may be returnable only if the post office fails to deliver the clubs to you in good condition. If the post office delivers the clubs to you in poor condition, it is proper to return them.”

How much does a set of golf clubs weigh to ship?

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A good rule of thumb is to assume that each clubs weighs around 1 pound each. That is, if you are shipping your clubs, it is best to assume that each clubs weighs around 1 pound each.

How much does FedEx charge to ship golf clubs?

The FedEx or UPS companies are responsible for sending your order through international ground service. You’ll have to pay a ground service fee, which can range from $11 to $24. depends on the weight and size of your order.

How much does it cost to ship a set of irons?

USPS RetailGround delivery is $104 and also takes eight days. Regular Priority Mail would take four days and cost $124. Priority Mail Express can get your clubs to their destination in three days for $285. When you combine speed and price, UPS is the cheapest option to ship your golf clubs in three to four days.

How much does it cost to post golf clubs in Ireland?

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The cost to ship golf clubs from the U.S. to Ireland is $214.99 USD for the outbound leg and $219.99 USD for the return for a standard size golf bag (under 42 lbs.).

How do you package a single golf club?

Is Ship Sticks cheaper than FedEx?

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However, Ship Sticks offers rates up to 60% cheaper than going directly through FedEx.

than going directly through FedEx.

– however, ship sticks offers rates up to 60% cheaper than going directly through FedEx
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How much does it cost to ship a golf push cart?

The average cost to ship a golf cart is between $100 and $200 for local shipments and $300 to $600 for long-distance moves.

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs on American Airlines?

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Standard checked bag fees of your destination apply up to 50lbs/23kgs and 126in/320cm (length + width + height) or $150 fee applies from 51lbs/23kgs \u2013 70lbs/32kgs. If the equipment bag exceeds 50lbs/23kgs and 62in/158cm, it will be charged as a separate checked bag and standard overweight and oversize fees will apply.

Are Ship Sticks worth?

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Overall, I think their service is worth it for golfers who are willing to spend the extra money to remove a major headache. I had an extremely positive experience using their service, and if you want to find out the cost for your next trip you can get a quick quote on their site here.

What size box do I need to ship golf clubs?

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Packaging. Our Seller Assist team shipped golf clubs out on a regular basis, and they recommend using free USPS tube boxes. Single putters, wedges and shorter irons usually fit in box 38\u201d x 6\u201d x 5\u201d (USPS medium tube box). For Single drivers, woods or long putters, tape 2 boxes together.

Is Hermes or Royal Mail cheaper?

As a popular courier service, Hermes delivery costs are relatively straightforward and just like Royal Mail, they tend to be more cost-effective for businesses sending lighter weight packages.

How much do Hermes pay per parcel UK?

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How much do courier drivers earn per parcel? Our parcel delivery driver salary is calculated on an hourly basis, with most drivers having the chance to earn a competitive rate of \u00a310-\u00a315 per hour.

What is maximum size for Hermes parcel?

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Hermes offers a maximum weight of 15kg, maximum length of 120cm and with a combined length and circumference of no more than 245cm as standard.

How heavy should my golf clubs be?

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In general, golfers with fast swings and speeds can use lighter shafts. Golfers with very fast swings and speeds should use heavier shafts. Driver shafts typically weigh 45-50 grams. Iron shafts can be as light as 55 grams in graphite, and 130 grams in steel.

Which golf irons are the heaviest?

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The scale ranges anywhere from A0 (the lightest) to G10 (the heaviest), but most men’s golf clubs fall in the range of C7 to D7. Two grams may not seem like a lot of weight, but that’s about how much weight difference is required to change one full swing weight point.

How do I ship a set of irons?

How much does it cost to ship a 5lb package UPS?

A five-pound package costs $7.81 to $14.32 to ship, depending on the destination and your carrier of choice. Depending on the nature of your business, if you can keep most shipments at five pounds or less, it can save a lot of money in the long run.

Does USPS charge by weight or size?


For First-Class Mail, shape and weight will determine the price. For Priority Mail, the price is a combination of weight, size, and how far the mailpiece is traveling. Priority Mail pieces that exceed one cubic foot, are subject to \u201cdimensional weight pricing\u201d.

, with serial numbers and list prices.

Which is cheaper UPS or USPS?

generally, UPS works out cheaper for shipping large packages, while USPS is cheaper for sending small items. If you’re looking for a price for ground shipping in the US and your parcel is no more than 66lbs, USPS Parcel Select will be a slightly cheaper option than UPS Ground, however, the transit time is a bit longer.