How Much Is A Golf Cart Lift Kit

With golf cart lifts available in a variety of price points and lifting capacities, it can be difficult to know what is the best option for your specific needs. To help make the decision a bit easier, we’ve put together a handy guide that breaks down the different types of golf cart lifts and their respective prices.

If you’re looking to add a lift to your golf cart, our guide will help you figure out the best option for your budget and needs.

Do golf carts hold their value?

The golf cart market is flexible, and it allows owners to flip their old cart for a new one without affecting their bank. This is because a product that is accepted by the majority in a market will hold its value because there will always be someone interested in buying what you have.

Can you put bigger tires on a golf cart without a lift kit?

What is the maximum tire size for golf carts without a lift? Stock club cars with no lift can fit 18.5-inch tires.

Do bigger tires make a golf cart faster?

The thicker, larger tires on a golf cart provide more traction and, as a result, are generally safer.

How tall is a golf cart with a lift kit?

A long travel kit is typically sold in lift sizes of 6\u2033, 7\u2033, and 8\u2033 heights \u2013 these kits are often referred to as Extreme Duty Golf Cart Lift Kits.

How can I make my golf cart more stable?

If you wish to compliment the look of your golf cart tires, it is recommended to purchase a lift kit. Lift kits lift the body of your golf cart, elevating your vehicle for a more stable ride. Additionally, a lift kit allows you to install larger tires, giving your golf cart a more unique design.

How do you measure a golf cart lift?

How do you install a 4 inch lift kit on a golf cart?

Are gas or electric golf carts faster?

Electric carts actually have a higher top speed than gas carts. With upgrades, you can reach up to 30 mph on an electric cart! A gas cart can run up to 18 \u2013 20 mph, but there are not many upgrades you can make to one.

Is 20 mph fast for a golf cart?

A typical golf cart without any upgrades can go between 12 and 14 miles per hour. Upgrading a golf cart can increase the top speed to 14 mph.

Is 30 mph fast for a golf cart?

Depending on your distance and speed needs, you might want to get a 40mph or a 30mph golf cart. At top speed, most golf carts do around 14mph. However, with the advent of street legal golf carts and modifications, it is possible to go 35mph and above.

What is high mileage for a golf cart?

An electric maintenance vehicle or golf cart can typically go 40 miles on a single charge (assuming a 48-volt system with eight 6v batteries). You can increase this range up to 80 miles by driving flat and level surfaces and not towing.

What is the life expectancy of golf cart batteries?

That all being said, batteries in fleet carts tend to last about 4-6 years while batteries in private owners tend to get about 6-10 years out of their battery packs.

Do golf cart tires need balancing?

Golf carts typically do not require balancing because the wheels are balanced when the cart is assembled. Balancing machines also cannot provide the level of balance that is needed on a golf cart’s small tires and wheels.

How can I make my ezgo golf cart faster?

One way to increase the speed of EZ Go golf carts is to add an octane booster when you fill the tank. The cart will have more pick-up, and it could gain as much as 5 mph. A different approach is to take out the throttle linkage governor on the carburetor.

What is the tire pressure for a golf cart?

The recommended tire pressure for golf carts can vary depending on the make and model of the cart, but most typically range between 15 and 25 psi. However, some golf carts can reach up to 40 psi.

Why do golf carts wobble?

Wobbly golf cart – Whenever you drive your cart may feel like it is going to fall apart and could experience some damage to its chassis as you ride. Poor tires are one of the most common causes of this problem. When your tires are not fully round, they are going to wobble a little and make your cart uneven.

How heavy is a Club Car golf cart?

How much does a golf cart weigh? The average golf cart weight ranges between 800 and 1100 pounds, but this varies on several factors. Some things that can affect the weight of your golf cart include: Battery weight, size of cart, and type of cart.