Can You Use An Apple Watch As A Golf Gps?

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If you’re looking to commit golf to memory, using an Apple Watch is a great way to start. According to recent studies, the watch can help you tracking your progress and staying ahead of the competition. Plus, it can help you keep track of your progress and improve your skills. So, if you’re looking to use the Apple Watch as part of your golf game, be sure to read on.

Apple Watch vs. Dedicated Golf GPS

First off, let’s establish something very important. When you hear the word ‘smartwatch,’ you may assume that it won’t do more than estimate your yardage and track your shots. But that’s not the case! The smartwatch has a lot of features that are important for golf, such as estimated yards, track your shots, and more.Golf smartwatches have come a long way. There are awesome dedicated units out there that pack practically everything that Apple watches have, except for maybe Siri and other iOS-specific features.Let’s look at the biggest pros and cons of using an Apple watch as Golf GPS. It’s more dedicated to the sport, but it’s not as popular as it could be.

Upsides of Using Apple Watch for Golf

The main advantage of using the Apple Watch as a golf GPS watch is that it packs the power of iOS into a small device that you can use. This makes it easy to get news and information on your wrist, and you can track your progress on the go.

You May Already Have It

The first and most obvious perk of using an Apple Watch for golfing is that you may already have one, so you won\u2019t need to spend any money.If you already have an Apple Watch, then you should 100% be using it as a golf GPS. You\u2019ll get to figure out some things such as what you like or dislike about it, how useful it is for you, what features you feel like you\u2019re missing, and more.This will help you determine if your golfing actually needs better tech or if it would be overkill to invest in a dedicated gold GPS.

You Can Choose From Different Apps

Another advantage to using an Apple Watch for golfing is that you can choose from many interfaces, features, and tracking capabilities.Of course, this particular point can be a pro or a con depending on who you ask. This is because it requires quite a bit of trial and error, which may be fun for some, but dreadful for others.

iOS Ecosystem FTW!

An advantage of having an Apple Watch on your wrist while golfing is that you still have access to everything we love about iOS. You can still use Siri, your contacts, calls, reminder, and every other useful app you love.You can also benefit from things like focus mode when you want to remove all interruptions. All the biometric details collected will contribute to your health records, you\u2019ll get your steps in, and the list goes on.

Downsides of Using Apple Watch as a Golf GPS

The above two sentences are about how important it is to be proficient with golfing. There are a few things that are important in order to be proficient at golfing. One thing that is important is that you be careful with how you use your language when you are golfing. For example, you should be careful not to use friendly language when you are playing golf.

Carrying Your iPhone on Course

The biggest downside of using an Apple Watch is that you are very likely to need your iPhone at one point or another.Of course, you can use your Apple Watch independently, but that means that you’ll burn through its already sad battery life in no time.If you’re looking to make sure you have enough battery life on your watch, you may need to start carrying it around. But, as long as you’re strategic with how you use it, it shouldn’t be an issue.

App Store Hunger Games

Another point that we mentioned is that you will have to choose from many golfing apps on the App Store.If you’re not naturally intrigued by how different apps\u2019 experiences are designed and how they can be personalized to suit your needs and game style, this is already a huge downside.The majority of the decent apps you’ll find will need some form of payment. It may be subscription-based, which is our least favorite type of payment because they can really pile up.The worst-case scenario is that you find your favorite app for golf, you set it up and get super familiar with it, and you even pay for it, only to find that it’s off the App Store. This isn’t very likely to happen, but it is quite possible.

You Sacrifice Some Features

While Apple Watch has a lot of the sensors that come in dedicated golf watches, there are quite a few features that aren’t included depending on what model you’re comparing it to.A notable example is the virtual caddie feature!A virtual caddie is a great tool for complete beginners. It helps you figure out the right club for each shot, and it factor in things as specific as wind speed and direction.

Forget It If You’re Android

Of course, a rather frustrating downside of Apple Watches as a golf GPS is that it requires you to own an iPhone. Not a MacBook, not an iPad, and surely not an Android phone!Apple Watches are made as companion devices to iPhones specifically. In order to even turn on an Apple Watch, you need to set it up through an iPhone.That means that if you don’t have an iPhone or perhaps have different devices you would like to get your golfing stats from, then the Apple Watch is just not for you.


Apple Watch makes a great golf GPS for beginners, especially if you already have a one. You can use it to feel out the different options out there and perhaps decide if you\u2019d like to upgrade later on. It also packs all the iOS apps and features we love.

If you\u2019re considering purchasing it mainly for that purpose, though, it falls short. There are loads of great options that are either in the same budget or less, bringing all the functionality that Apple Watches provide you plus great golf-centric perks.

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