The Best Golf Clubs For Intermediate Players: How To Choose The Right Set

There are many different golf clubs out there and as with any activity, there is never a best one for one particular person. This is especially true if you are at a level where you don’t need the power of a power golf club. Instead, you want to use them at a more personal level, such as hitting the ball into the ground or striking a butt umpire.

Some people choose to use their golf clubs like a power golfers would use their power. This is why they are called power golfers, because the golf club’s power is the same as any other power tool an average person would use. However, for someone like Intermediate/junior golfer, the power of a golf club can be a big asset.

Now, some of these golf clubs are designed for use at a level where you can use them to their full potential. With that being said, there are also many golf clubs that are designed for use at a higher level. These are the club’s that are best for use by someone who is below a high school level or who is just starting to play golf.

Depending on your use for your golf clubs, there are many of them to choose from. And, as always, it is best to consult with a professional to get the most information possible. However, with that said, here are some club reviews that will help you choose the best one for you.

The Best Golf Clubs:

1. DeKalb Golf Club

This is the club that is designed for use at a high school level or less. It has a total weight of only about 10 lbs and is only 12 inches long. That means it is very easy to hold and control.

2. It has a total weight of about 15 lbs and is longer than the DeKalb Golf Club. However, it is much more powerful. It is also stronger and more seamless.

3. Pro V1 Golf Club

This is the club that is designed for use at a higher level and also has a total weight of about 25 lbs. It is also longer and stronger than the DeKalb Golf Club. It can be used with both left and right hand.

4. Pro V1 Golf Club with Magnetic System

This is the club that is designed with a magnetic system in it. It can be used with both left and right hand.

What are the most important golf clubs?

The driver, putter, and wedge are all important in pro golf. The order is right.

What handicap is considered intermediate?

If your handicap is accurate, you usually shoot between 85 and 95.

How do you know if golf clubs fit you?

The best way to determine proper shaft length for your custom fit golf clubs is to get into an athletic stance and measure the distance between your wrists and the floor. You can also adjust the shaft length in conjunction with your golf swing.

Are used golf clubs worth it?

Golf clubs of a recent vintage are always an excellent value provided they’re in good condition and fit you reasonably well. If you do a little research and get guidance from a knowledgeable friend or good sales person, used clubs can definitely be the way to go.

How long should golf clubs last?

The standard set of golf clubs is going to last from 3 years to 10 years, depending on the number of rounds played per year, and how well you take care of your clubs. If you play a few times per month, you can expect your clubs to wear out much quicker than the golfer who plays just a handful of times per year.

Do expensive golf clubs make a difference?

The quality of golf clubs does make a difference, but the change only increases with your skill level. A pro would not play as well with lower quality off-shelf Golf Clubs, but the difference between cheap good quality clubs and more expensive branded clubs for an amateur is not significant.

Is Strata really Callaway?

There Strata are actually made by Callaway and on a positive note Callaway is very protective of their golf brand, which is why Strata are just distributed by Callaway. However, Strata can downside if Strata are given to other companies.

What are pings most forgiving irons?

The Ping G710 Irons are Ping’s longest, most forgiving irons to date. The forgiveness portion of the equation is a result of the 17-4 stainless steel body, high-density tungsten toe and shaft weights, which significantly increase MOI.

What 3 golf clubs should I buy?

For your first golf clubs, we recommend buying a beginner set of clubs that include a driver and 3-wood, odd-numbered irons (3, 5, 7, 9) and a putter. Apart from the basic decisions between men\u2019s and women\u2019s clubs and right or left-handed clubs, you might have a choice between steel and graphite shaft clubs.

Is 7 iron the easiest club to hit?

From experience, most golfers will tell you that the 7-iron is the easiest club to master. A 5-iron will go further, and you can be on the green in three if you are lucky, but a 7-iron will go at least 120-130 yards, getting you easily on the green in four.

Which golf clubs are most used by professionals?

26 percent of tour players use a driver, two fairway woods, an iron set starting at a 4-iron, and four wedges, which makes it the most common setup on tour.

What club should a beginner use in golf?

Start with a driver, putter, sand wedge, and fairway wood or hybrid with 18-21 degrees of loft.

Is it better to have steel or graphite shafts?

Historically speaking, steel shafts have been better for more advanced or higher swing speed players. Graphite has been more ideal for people with more moderate swings or players wanting maximum distance.