Can Golf Clubs Be Lengthened? The Answer May Surprise You!

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Can Golf Clubs Be Lengthened?

The answer is yes. Golf clubs can be lengthened by either removing and replacing the shaft with a longer one or simply adding extensions which works out to be the cheaper method. You should be careful when adding extensions though as over extending the shaft can lead to premature failure due to stress where the extension was created. Shafts made out of steel should not extend beyond 2 inches. Putters on the other hand are an exception.Golfers should be aware that lengthening the shaft will alter other aspects of the club’s performance including distance, accuracy, swing weight, feel and flexibility. Therefore, it is not a black and white solution.

Method 1: Adding Extensions

By using the shaft extension method, you don’t need to replace the entire shaft but only the old grip. As we’ve mentioned, this is the most affordable and simpler method that you can do at the comfort of your home.1. Make sure your golf shaft is in perfect condition by watching this guide.
Apply pressure to the end of the shaft to extend it.
Use a putter to fly the ball into the air.
Use your hands to control the ball.

Method 2: Replacing The Shaft

You can replace the entire golf shaft without having to pay the pro shop. Here, we will be discussing the steps to help you achieve this in the comfort of your home, thus saving you money.Make sure the new shaft can fit inside the club head’s hosel. The hosel is the cylindrical portion that connects the rest of the clubhead with the shaft. Due to the hollowness of the club’s hosel, it makes it easier for the tip section of the shaft to fit inside.1. Many people replace their club shaft with a shorter one by just leaving it alone.

2. When you’re not using your club shaft, you can replace it with a longer one.

3. You need to be careful not to overstride when you replace your club shaft.

4. If you overstride, you need to use less pressure on the club shaft.

Pros And Cons Of Lengthening The Golf Club 

The effects of lengthening a golf club shaft are different between the shorter and longer length club members, so you must be aware of what this will mean when lengthening your club. With this information in hand, you can take necessary steps to ensure the best possible golf experience.

1.) Swing Weight

The swing weight is measured on a 14 inch fulcrum that assesses the balance point of a club. This is displayed on an alphanumeric scale including a letter and a number.The swing weight of a golf club is affected as the shaft length increases. When you increase the length of the shaft by one-half inch, the swing weight will increase by 3 points. That means if you had a golf club with a swing weight of D2, then increasing the shaft length by one-half will make the swing weight D5.You get more distance off a lighter weight club because you’ll be able to swing it faster. Heavier clubs on the other hand are harder to swing fast. Therefore, swing weight has a direct impact on swing speed.

2.) Accuracy

The – longer your club – will have the less accuracy it will have. Many people believe that longer shafts equal more distance, but this is not necessarily true.A shorter length shaft could help you hit the ball further, while keeping it in play.With a longer length of shaft, you are more prone to hitting the ball into a hazard or spraying it off the golf course. Hitting the ball with a longer club creates excess side spin.

3.) Distance

One benefit of having a longer club is that it is easier to take on longer distances. It does not always require as much weight to produce the same amount of power.This will make the club more difficult to swing fast, nevertheless, installing a longer shaft is often often necessary in short irons and wedges.

4.) Timing And Feel

The most important effect of changing the golf club length is time and feel. If you are accustomed to swinging a shorter length club, then you may have challenges trying to swing a longer length club. This could harm your game as such changes can affect your timing and mechanics without you even realizing.We recommend that you seek a professional’s advice when considering lengthening your shaft. The height based chart is a guidance that will help you decide the right length golf club to use.You can also use this tool called the Get Fit\u201d to help you find the right shaft flex, grip size, and club length that is suitable for you.

Final Verdict

Adding extensions to your shaft should not be or be difficult to do. The standard length is to add one-inch or half-inch depending on the height of the golfer.If you are not able to add the extensions by yourself, either through yourself or through a friend, the cost for a graphite shaft is between $20 and $75 while a steel shaft is between $100 and $200.Every shaft that you replace will need a new grip and that can cost you $8-$15, not to mention labor costs for an extra $5-$35.All in all, lengthening your golf club is a good choice for increasing distance and improving your posture if you have small arms. However, it wont necessarily improve the overall performance of the club.\u00a0\u0dubna